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Digital Marketing - Big brands and Creative awards

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Government Solutions - Compliance and Transparency

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Video Games - Popular titles from the 80’s to the modern day

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My passion is to work with digital entrepreneurs from all over the world.  They fly to Vietnam to spend time with the team and myself, sharing visions and developing plans together.  

We love working with entrepreneurs from different industries, with different skill sets, expectations and levels of technological knowhow.  We need to build a common language for their digital business.

Working closely together, we have crafted projects which have mixed technology patents and creative awards with significant commercial success.

GEARS was designed specifically to deal with the beautiful challenges of digitizing original business ideas.  

GEARS helps to identify the key processes, capabilities and frameworks required.  This understanding assures the quality of strategic solutions that successful businesses need.

They Trust Us:

Digital Marketing

In Singapore, I led the development of many digital marketing platforms and campaigns.  Working as the CTO of startups and new media companies, I delivered millions of dollars of media value and participated in multiple successful exits.

Successful marketing platforms need to last the test of time and support hundreds of campaigns for different clients.  For extensive operation, we designed our projects with their own language and campaign templates that could be easily used by all stakeholders.

Working with agencies such as Ogilvy and TBWA, I developed campaigns for brands like AIA, Nestle, Grolsch and many others.

In advertising, the creative imperative must lead while campaign effectiveness is paramount.  Digital marketing is a classic case where the competing imperatives of creative and technology must be balanced.

GEARS is born of extensive experience in creative industries, digitizing the dreams of advertising executives and video game designers.  

 GEARS methodology brings digital visions down from the clouds, capture their essence and provides all the frameworks we need to make them real.

They Trust Us:

Government Solutions

We have been repeatedly invited to work on government projects in Singapore and Vietnam, helping our clients to win the occasional award along the way.

Though the requirements for compliance and quality assurance around the software development cycle are laudable challenges, this often slows things down considerably.   If not handled with true leadership, the technocratic nature of these goals become an end in themselves and an exercise in CYA.

GEARS surfaces all key processes and actual requirements of software projects.  

GEARS de-politicises software strategies and adds extra objectivity to technology sourcing decisions.

They Trust Us:

Video Games

I spent my early years in video game development running my own game studios in the UK and USA. I lead the build of several popular games for Nintendo, PlayStation and iPad.  

Common within the industry, we loved to eschew documents and “program by the seat of our pants”.   Such a pure Agile approach is not acceptable when budgets, deadlines and multiple stakeholders depend on good project design and management.  Too many business rely on the wizardry of the “full stack developer” to magically translate business vision into digital product. This is not acceptable in the modern age.

GEARS design approach is perfect for documenting entertainment and interactive application requirements.  

GEARS captures gameplay narrative and user experience goals while surfacing production frameworks that all stakeholders can use to manage the project.

They Trust Us: