Dear Business Professional,

We manage the design and development of high performing applications for entrepreneurs. Our projects are high quality and perform exceptionally well. They are also easy, fast and low cost to build.

These qualities are delivered by good technology, design and management, not by throwing more engineers at the problem.

For over 30 years as a software professional, I have been practicing, learning and looking for the best ways to manage software development.

GEARS is our methodology to digitize business ideas and assure the highest levels of project success. GEARS focuses on getting design right at the start. GEARS provides the insights and frameworks to ensure that managers and developers have the easiest of tasks in working together to achieve their goals.

Business owners and management teams the world over are reaping tremendous benefits from GEARS. Get in touch if you’d like to learn how we can assure the success of software projects for your business.


CEO & Digital Business Architect

Massively Powerful

Assurance of success, reduction in costs and unprecedented level of control to business owners.
  • Put the business owner in control of technology, not the other way round!
  • Capture the business idea and key business processes
  • Design projects faster than other methods
  • Provide a political and emotion free picture to guide sourcing decisions and roadmap priorities
  • Reduce time to market, optimize investment and eliminate technology risk.
  • Anyone with a brain can use the methodology to great effect
  • Works well at scale, getting better with the size and complexity of the project

Build Upon Best Practice

Embodies and helps improve upon Agile methods of software development, McKinsey’s MECE principle of organizing and the quality management goal of Left Shifting.
  • Complement and help improve the Agile Manifesto (the guiding principles of Agile development)
  • Produce a mutually exclusive, comprehensively exhaustive list (MECE is McKinsey Consultants’ groundbreaking insight into how to organize ideas)
  • Left Shift the software development lifecycle (turning expensive quality control into effective quality assurance)

Make Everyone’s job Easier

Produces design frameworks, work breakdown structures and insightful conversation starters for managers, developer and customers.
  • Give the product design team a documentation structure that will support the project throughout its lifecycle
  • Give project managers an optimal work breakdown structure (WBS) for their Gantt charts and project planning tools.
  • Show UX designers user journeys and workflows
  • Help software engineers design their database schema
  • Let accountants manage budgets accurately
  • Focus QA professionals on key test requirements
  • Let the business owner confirm business process and UX performance

Bring Business & Tech together

Provide a common language of project that all can understand and contains no confusing tech jargon.
  • Provide a common language of design that all can understand
  • Contain no technology jargon to confuse us ordinary folks.